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A security team to be proud of
A security team to be proud of

Every day there has been a new update from the government that has meant significant changes to the way we all behave because of Covid-19.

27 March 2020

Make sure your vacant business is secure during the Covid-19 outbreak
Make sure your vacant business is secure during the Covid-19 outbreak

Every day we, as business owners, are getting more and more advice from the government on how to combat the coronavirus outbreak, and understandably it’s a worrying time for us all.

18 March 2020

Do thermal imagery cameras still work in minus temperatures?

Brrr it is cold outside! With the temperatures dipping below zero and the nights now longer and darker than ever, you’d be forgiven for thinking that security officers would struggle this time of year. You’d be wrong – well as far as security officers that are part of the Carter Solutions and Services team!

5 December 2019

National security coverage with the attention only a local company can provide.

We take the quality of the security we provide extremely seriously, and we’re fully aware of the problems that can occur when a business grows. As a national provider of a range of security services, we have grown from humble roots. Started by Nick Carter, we’re hugely proud of the journey our business has taken, but it hasn’t been without strict quality control along the way! There are four key factors to consider, that of recruitment, training, staff appreciation and remote management and we think we’ve done a great job of maintaining quality throughout our history and into our future.

29 November 2019

What do we look for in a quality security officer?

Having strong principles and knowing the difference between right and wrong is one of the key things we look for when recruiting for security officers. De-escalation training is difficult, there’s no doubt about it. Knowing how to handle a situation and having a clear moral compass in the face of adversity is a very difficult skill, and often something that can’t be taught. We consistently rely on our security officers to make the right call and to know their limits, knowing when the right time is to call for the local authorities, for example.

21 November 2019

Remember, remember your security agenda…

I think it’s fair to say that winter has arrived. It’s cold, it’s dark and with Halloween now been and gone we’re left with Bonfire Night and then the countdown to Christmas begins. Winter is arguably the most vulnerable time for your business when it comes to security as the nights are longer, and it’s much more likely for sites to be unattended and quieter. After all, no one likes to be out and about when it’s freezing cold and wet outside! This makes businesses much more vulnerable, so it’s hugely important to consider your security agenda at this time of year.

5 November 2019