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One of our core services is mobile patrols, and that often involves our SIA licensed security officers needing a vehicle. As part of our green agenda, we’ve updated our fleet to these stunning new electric vehicles.

Why have we gone electric?

  • They’re better for our planet

First and foremost, electric vehicles are much better for our planet than petrol and diesel alternatives. Electric vehicles are usually run by a lithium-ion battery, and they’re charged by electricity rather than fossil fuels. This means that they don’t emit harmful exhaust gases, which in turn reduces local air pollution, particularly in congested towns and cities.

Electric vehicles are also much more efficient in using their power than ‘traditional’ cars. Approximately 70% of the power produced by the battery makes it to the wheels, compared to just 20% of the power produced by petrol and diesel cars.

  • Better driving and handling

It’s a common misconception that electric vehicles are much slower and less powerful than petrol and diesel alternatives. This might have been true ten years ago in the early stages of their development, but most electric cars now outperform their fuel-guzzling counterparts.

Their acceleration is much more responsive, and many have regenerative braking when easing off the accelerator, which uses the electric motor to slow the vehicle whilst putting energy back in the battery. It’s all very clever, isn’t it!

Electric vehicles also tend to have a low centre of gravity, which improves comfort, safety, and handling, making for an enjoyable driving experience.

  • They’re quieter

A component that was particularly appealing to us is the notably quieter nature of electric cars. Due to the nature of our work, our security officers are often working through the night, making the noise aspect a great benefit to have.

  • They have lower running costs

We have installed a charging point for our electric vehicles at our head office in Wisbech, which means we can ensure that our vehicles are fully charged before each shift. The cost of charging the battery is much less than a tank of fuel, making it a sensible financial decision – particularly with the rising cost of fuel we’re seeing across the country.

Electric vehicles are also less money to maintain. The lithium-ion battery motor doesn’t require oil changes, and the engine won’t suffer from the usual wear and tear expected from combustion engines. The battery is what does all of the work, making it much cheaper to run and maintain.

We’re thrilled to have made this conscious change towards a sustainable business, and look forward to implementing further changes under our green agenda.

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