Published: 01 Jul 2022 in
Wisbech charging point


We’ve worked hard on creating a clear brand, but its not just for aesthetics. Clearly recognised security signage is an excellent deterrent to crime! Despite our red and blue branding, we’re a much greener security provider than you might initially think!

With our new electric fleet, we’re making steps towards a more sustainable business, and therefore a more sustainable future. It wasn’t too long ago that we underwent a brand refresh to the style you see today, and part of that process meant updating our fleet of vehicles. We quickly realised that this wasn’t enough, and explored the possibility of going green. No long after, we introduced our electric vehicles, ready for our security officers and mobile patrols to use on shift.

We also installed an electric charging station at our head office in Wisbech. Not only does this ensure our security officers can leave for their shift with a fully charged battery, but it also provides incentive and support for our team at head office to consider an electric vehicle themselves.

Why have we made these sustainable changes?

It will come as no surprise that owner and founder Nick Carter is always thinking about the future! Whilst that might typically take the form of business growth and innovation, it also means taking the future of the planet into consideration too!

The benefits of electric vehicles are plentiful, so not only did it make business sense to steer away from petrol and diesel alternatives.

They’re better for our planet

First and foremost, electric vehicles are much better for our planet than petrol and diesel alternatives. Electric vehicles are also much more efficient in using their power than ‘traditional’ cars.

Better driving and handling

It’s a common misconception that electric vehicles are much slower and less powerful than petrol and diesel alternatives. Electric vehicles also tend to have a low centre of gravity, which improves comfort, safety, and handling, making for an enjoyable driving experience.

They’re quieter

A component that was particularly appealing to us is the notably quieter nature of electric cars. Due to the nature of our work, our security officers are often working through the night, making the noise aspect a great benefit to have.

They have lower running costs

.The cost of charging the battery is much less than a tank of fuel, making it a sensible financial decision – particularly with the rising cost of fuel we’re seeing across the country.


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