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Security at gigs and other music venues

For many, the summer means attending festivals and gigs, but these events happen all year round and if you have a setting with great acoustics, it’s likely you’ll have bands playing almost every weekend! Whilst this is a great way to attract people to your venue, you need to consider security, not just for your headliner, but for your paying guests too.


3 September 2019

Our two award winners for this quarter are…

We’ve changed the way we recognise and reward our staff, making our monthly awards quarterly instead. We have also increased the prize to a £150 Amazon voucher, and each quarter we choose two winners!

29 August 2019

Thank you to Your local Paper for the fantastic images
Proud to support The Purfleet Trust

Homelessness is something that could happen to everyone, at any time. One minute you could have the keys to your own home, and the next you could be looking for a doorway to sleep in – alone and lonely. Homelessness is a national issue, it is a terrifying situation that far too many people find themselves in, and it’s charities like The Purfleet Trust that help to support these vulnerable individuals in their time of need.

16 August 2019

Carter Solutions and Services Limited: Who We Are

Instead of writing about one of our key services or discussing a specific industry that we cater to, we wanted to summarise exactly what makes Carter Solutions and Services Limited such a great cho

16 July 2019

Investing in our entire security team

We’ve recently had a new member join our team, Brett, who has taken on the position of Operations Manager. As with any new colleague, we want to wish him the very best of luck and offer him all the support he needs to excel in his career with Carter Solutions and Services Limited.

As part of his role, he will be spending time travelling all over the country. It’s for this reason we have invested in a Volkswagen Tiguan for him, demonstrating how seriously we take looking after our staff. Having a safe and reliable vehicle is the least we could do, considering extensive travel is part of his everyday duties. We hope this illustrates that we put the wellbeing of our employees at the heart of everything we do.

So, what will Brett be doing on his travels?

10 May 2019

April’s CSS - Cashino guard of the month is…

Every month we award one of our hard-working security officers with the recognition of our Carter Solutions and Services Limited Cashino guard of the month award!

This month’s award goes to – Dennis!


3 May 2019