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Our first winner of the Monthly “Cashino Guard of the Month Award”

Every month we reward a member of the CSS team with the ‘Tony Award’ trophy and £50 worth of Amazon vouchers

Since the start of 2019, we also introduced a Monthly Cashino Guard of the Month Award. There were many reasons behind this, but most namely to acknowledge the commitment and professionalism that our officers display when representing the company at Cashino, the recipient of which will also receive a trophy and £50 worth of Amazon vouchers.

We are pleased to be able to announce our first winner and admittedly it was a challenge to choose just one of our security officers....

4 February 2019

Discipline, respect, accuracy and speed

There’s a lot of similarity between the security industry and boxing: both require discipline, respect and accuracy and speed. It therefore made complete sense for Nick Carter to decide that CSS Ltd will be the official sponsor of local boxer, Grant Froud.


31 January 2019

Improve your school security on a budget

The start of the year for many means a new budget. That budget needs to be carefully planned and executed, with every penny accounted for. No doubt your school, college or university already has CCTV, so is there any need for a manned guarding service?

Manned guarding does come at a cost, we know that, but it can lower your insurance premiums and prevent against costly break-ins. More importantly, manned guarding is the best option when it comes to keeping students and staff safe. They’re a brilliant deterrent to crime, and all of our security officers are highly trained experts in what they do.  

25 January 2019

How we look after our Security Officers in adverse weather conditions

Snow is on its way, another big freeze, and for our men and women on the ground that means freezing night shifts. The change in the weather will not mean a change in the quality of security, and there are a number of steps we take to ensure our security officers remain safe.

Forecasts say that over the next weeks we can expect snow to fall and settle, along with a high risk of ice. Plummeting temperatures will no doubt be a challenge for businesses across the UK, but the warnings have enabled us to prepare for the worst, as best we can.

21 January 2019

Starting 2019 with exceptionally high standards of security

We are pleased to be able to continue the monthly Tony Award into 2019, and the challenge to choose just one of our incredible security officers for the award this month was a difficult one!

11 January 2019

Start 2019 with a new career in the security industry.

Job satisfaction. Something everyone strives for but very few actually succeed. The start of the year is a brilliant time to reflect on last year’s achievements and to take a long hard look at what you’d like to do differently for the year ahead. For many, this comes back to job satisfaction, a phrase that should never be taken for granted. Job satisfaction is hugely important – it’s what makes you want to get out of bed every day, it gives a sense of purpose and a sense of belonging, and its vital for maintaining positive mental health.

But what are the key factors that lead to job satisfaction? And how does CSS Ltd tick those all-important boxes to keep the team here happy and motivated?

2 January 2019