Could you be trusted as a Carter Security Officer?
A recent article came to light about a criminal posing as a security officer, who alarmingly tricked bank staff into handing over £150,000!
How could a recession affect your business security?
For businesses across the country, a recession could trigger a security crisis for local businesses as unemployment levels rise and crime levels increase.
Sky high prices means a higher risk of crime
It’s no surprise that the rise in the cost of living has led to a rise in crime, with violent crime being a particular concern.
The Platinum Jubilee weekend and how it impacts the security industry
The long weekend is finally here, celebrating the 70 years that Queen Elizabeth has been on the throne. Whilst we’ll be enjoying the festivities as much as the next person, for us it will be a busy working weekend.
Crime rates could increase by 14% this summer
You might be surprised to hear that actually crime rates can be 14% higher during the summer months.
Do security guards make good witnesses?
There’s a particularly high profile defamation trial taking part in the USA at the moment, and that’s the case between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard. A key witness has been Travis McGivern, Johnny Depp’s security guard, begging the question of whether security guards make reliable witnesses?