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Security guards in the news

This week it’s been upsetting to see not one, not two, but three accounts of security officers being attacked during their shifts. Unfortunately, facing abuse is a known risk of the job, but that doesn’t excuse aggressive behaviour towards security guards, and it’s always something taken very seriously. In the below examples reported in the news this week, most attacks were a result of the perpetrator trying to steal, and the security officer on duty simply doing their role. Shoplifting is clearly against the law, and getting caught in the act was enough to drive these criminals to violence.

2 July 2019

Are security drones worth the hype?

Security drones have been growing in popularity, and it’s easy to see the initial appeal. They claim to be great for surveillance, and advanced models can even be used alongside technology that recognises vibrations and movement. They increasingly being used by homes and businesses, and there’s plenty of choice on the market at a variety of different price points. But are they really worth the hype?

25 January 2019

3 ways CSS Ltd can boost your security presence in 2019

A new year means fresh new thinking, and we hope this will encourage you to look at your current security presence on site. It doesn’t matter if you’re an education professional, part of a large – or indeed, small – corporate organisation, a licensed gaming organisation, a construction site or a retailer. All of these industries require a security presence in 2019, and we’ve put together 3 key ways in which CSS Ltd can assist you.

2 January 2019

Invest in excellent security during the longer, darker, colder nights.

It’s well and truly winter, and that means darker and colder nights! What’s particularly alarming is the spike seen in burglaries during the winter months.

26 November 2018

How can the increase in drones affect the security of your business?

Drones are growing in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. They’re relatively inexpensive, quick and easy to set up, and with a bit of practice, they can record incredible footage of your local area. They can be used by the police to search large areas of land quickly, they’re becoming increasingly popular with YouTubers and bloggers, as they really can create incredible content. Whilst there are a lot of positives for owning a drone, there is a potential concern when it comes to security and private land.

22 October 2018

You can always ‘Ask for Angela’.

‘Ask for Angela’ is a brilliant code-word campaign for people feeling unsafe in a venue. It allows both men and women to approach a member of staff, asking them to ‘Ask for Angela’. This alerts the member of staff to knowing this person feels uncomfortable or unsafe and therefore needs a safe way out.


12 October 2018