Protect your store with quality retail security officers
A particular news story caught our eye this week about Cadbury's Crème Eggs, and made us think about the importance of retail security.
If there’s a post-Christmas lockdown, ensure your business stays secure.
We have four key services that are particularly well suited to keeping empty buildings safe, manned guarding, mobile patrols, CCTV monitoring and alarm response.
Plan A and Plan B: our Security Guards are ready
Daily COVID-19 cases have risen to 50,000 and Health Secretary Sajid Javid says they could double. This has given weight to the thinking that a ‘Plan B’ winter COVID plan could become the reality. But what does this mean for Security Officers and the security services we offer.
Keyholding Service
Keeping your business operational comes down to two key factors. You need trusted individuals, with the skills and dedication to be productive to the standards required, and you need to protect your assets. With so many factors at play, having one trusted provider that can cover both of these points makes it so much easier for you to manage. Let us explain.
Supporting your flexible staffing needs
With an increase over the last few weeks of over 20% of people being notified by NHS track and trace, it’s no surprise that businesses all over the UK are struggling with staffing. Not only that, but the pandemic prompted many foreign workers to return home to wait things out and it’s unsure how many of these families and individuals will choose to return. This has put tremendous strain on the labour market, making it incredibly difficult for businesses to operate at their expected capacity.
For full details on the changes happening to SIA licenses, you can visit the website: