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Protect your empty business with quality security
Protect your empty business with quality security

We woke up this morning with a daunting new reality.

21 March 2020

Committed to your safety, and the safety of our security guards
Committed to your safety, and the safety of our security guards

The news this week has been slightly concerning when it comes to ensuring the safety of our security officers.

6 March 2020

Why did the Security Guards at Harrods want to strike?
Why did the Security Guards at Harrods want to strike?

The security guards at Harrods recently planned a strike for Saturday shifts in the iconic London store.

22 February 2020

Security officers granted additional powers to tackle crime

Crime happens everywhere. Whilst Carter Solutions and Services Limited focus on commercial security at your place of work, the truth is that crime isn’t exclusive to business premises. For example, our door supervisors know this only too well, as being responsible for the security at licensed gaming venues, as well as nightclubs, gives them an insight into what goes on in the early hours of the morning of a town centre. This often requires our team to step in to diffuse situations, operating within the confines of the law as dictated by SIA licensing standards, before calling the local authorities.

4 September 2019

What modules does a SIA license cover

We never subcontract our staff, as we believe we’d lose the close relationship we have with the people in our team. We therefore take hiring new security officers extremely seriously, as the nature of the role requires remote working. This means we are putting our trust into our security guards to represent Carter Solutions and Services and maintain our exceptional reputation.

One thing we require upon application is a valid SIA license as this demonstrates a strong basic knowledge of what is expected. The qualification is the first step in a career in security and covers a vast array of modules, summarised below

30 July 2019

Security guards in the news

This week it’s been upsetting to see not one, not two, but three accounts of security officers being attacked during their shifts. Unfortunately, facing abuse is a known risk of the job, but that doesn’t excuse aggressive behaviour towards security guards, and it’s always something taken very seriously. In the below examples reported in the news this week, most attacks were a result of the perpetrator trying to steal, and the security officer on duty simply doing their role. Shoplifting is clearly against the law, and getting caught in the act was enough to drive these criminals to violence.

2 July 2019