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'Ask for Angela' is a brilliant code-word campaign for people feeling unsafe in a venue. It allows both men and women to approach a member of staff, asking them to 'Ask for Angela'. This alerts the member of staff to knowing this person feels uncomfortable or unsafe and therefore needs a safe way out.

This member of staff could be someone behind the bar, a waiter or waitress, a manager, a door supervisor or a security guard. Every single one of our incredible security staff are aware of the 'Ask for Angela' campaign and know exactly how to discretely and effectively help anyone who approaches them with the code-words.

What could cause someone to 'Ask for Angela'?

The catfish

Perhaps you're on a first date. You met online and have been talking for weeks. Finally, you've plucked up the courage to meet up, hoping they'll be just as wonderful in person as they have been over messenger. You arrive at the agreed location, and there's someone waiting outside -- but they don't look like their profile photo! It's then that you realise you've been 'catfished', but it's too late. They are already walking up to you and you have no other choice but you go inside. If they were lying about their appearance, what else could they be lying about? You feel unsafe, but you can't leave. What do you do?

Ask for Angela.

The inappropriate date

Maybe you've been set up by friends. Maybe it's a blind date, maybe it's even a second date. But things seem a little off. The person sitting opposite you that starts pressing for a kiss... or maybe even pressing for you to come home with them. It makes you uncomfortable, and they're so persistent. What do you do?

Ask for Angela.

The stalker

You're out with your friends, and someone keeps asking you to dance. You've made it clear you're not interested. You head off to the toilets, they wait for you. You head to the bar, they follow you. You ask them to leave you alone but they simply don't listen. What do you do?

Ask for Angela.

The abuser

You've been in this relationship for a little while, and they've finally agreed to take you out for a date -- on their terms, of course. You're bruised, but they're covered. You're scared, but they're watching. You haven't been able to call the police because they are in control of your phone. What do you do?

Ask for Angela.

How can a security guard help?

The above highlight just a few examples of how the 'Ask for Angela' campaign can be used to help people out of uncomfortable or even dangerous situations. The person you ask will be able to do a series of things to help you, quickly and efficiently, depending on the situation.

Maybe it's as simple as letting you out of the service door at the back so you and your friends can continue your night in peace, knowing that you can't be followed. Or perhaps they'll be able to call for a taxi home for you, escorting you the car. Maybe it's more serious and the police need to be called.

If you're in need of support, know that 'Angela' can help, and 'Angela' may well be stood in a CSS Ltd uniform!

For more information on how our security guards can help, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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