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Manned Guarding

Should you choose static manned guarding or mobile patrols
Should you choose static manned guarding or mobile patrols?

Two of the most effective professional services that we offer of static manned guarding and mobile patrols.

14 March 2020

Training required for Manned Guarding
Training required for Manned Guarding

All of our security officers require an SIA license in order to be operational.

28 February 2020

Privacy versus Security, what’s more important?
Privacy versus Security, what’s more important?

When you look into security providers for your business, there’s a number of factors that should come into your mind, primary, are you looking for privacy or security? Or both?

22 February 2020

8 Ways To Improve Your Construction Site Security

Construction sites are, unfortunately, a popular target for criminals. The good news is that there are plenty of effective measures you can take to boost the security on your construction site, and we’ve listed 8 great ways to prevent crime.

8 August 2019

Why should you choose manned guarding to keep your business safe?

When it comes to choosing which security service is the most effective at reducing crime, manned guarding is arguably the best you can get. Only with security officers on site can you be sure that your business premises are as safe and secure as it can be. But what does it entail?

13 June 2019

Customer service and manned guarding

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we never subcontract our security guards and every security officer with CSS Ltd has a valid SIA license. This is so we can invest in our staff, know that we can trust them with our clients and it also ensures that we can understand individual strengths and work on improving any weaknesses within our team. We understand this is a more expensive route than subcontracting security staff, but it means we can continue to maintain the high levels of quality security that we are known for.


2 April 2019