5 reasons why security officers are more effective than CCTV cameras

Investing in a CCTV system might seem like a great cost effective way to protect your business premises, and whilst we agree that it’s better than nothing at all, there are 5 key reasons why CCTV just can’t do the same as our security officers.

1.Security officers are a brilliant deterrent

Our security officers will have a clearly marked vehicle and they will be wearing our CSS Ltd uniform. This means there will be no mistakes when it comes to being able to identify there being security officers on site. Research, and experience, shows that security officers act as a brilliant deterrent to crime, making it much less likely for something to occur when our officers are on shift.

2.CCTV cannot identify a masked individual

Arguably the most critical downfall with CCTV is criminals being able to wear a mask. A mask hides their identity and makes it near impossible to be able to recognise them. We’ve heard of too many cases where the crime is detected on camera, only to reach a dead end when it comes to catching the culprit because they were wearing a mask.

3.No such thing as a ‘blind spot’

CCTV won’t be able to cover every single angle, blind spots will always be there and trespassers will be able to take advantage to try and slip past unnoticed. Our mobile patrols on the other hand will be able to check everywhere when on the move, meaning it’s much less likely for a criminal to be missed.

4.Our security guards can react quickly and efficiently

If someone does slip past our security officers and attempts to break in to your business premises, sounding the alarm, our team can be there within seconds. This means being able to restrain the individual, or individuals, call the local authorities and enable justice to be served. Having someone on site means you’re also much less likely to have a false alarm, and it means someone will be there to raise the alarm if there’s a fire, for example.

5.Our security guards are reliable

CCTV cameras can break, or be broken. Our security officers are highly trained and highly reliable, meaning a power cut or vandalism will not stop them from doing their job. Power cuts and vandalism can stop a CCTV camera, making our mobile patrol service a much more effective and dependable solution to the security of your business.

It’s also worth mentioning that we never subcontract, preferring instead to recruit and train highly competent individuals. This ensures the standard you receive is exemplary.

For more information on how CSS Ltd can help you maintain the safety of your business with our manned guarding service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to talk you through options that would work specifically for you and the needs of your site.

Alternatively, if you’d like to progress your career in the security sector, please send in your most up to date C.V. for consideration.

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