Published: 10 Dec 2021 in

When the weather is dark and stormy, with high winds and plenty of rain, the security of your business needs to be considered. This is when security services such as manned guarding and mobile patrols are second to none. Our security officers are well-equipped and experiences in working outdoors, it’s part of the job, and that means whatever the weather, we will be vigilant when it comes to security. This winter, we’ve already experienced storm Barra, which triggered weather warnings across the UK, and with more poor weather forecasted it's important to consider how the weather can affect crime at your business, and what we can do as a professional security provider to assist.

There are a number of reasons why security services such as manned guarding and mobile patrols are preferable in bad weather…

CCTV will struggle with limited visibility

CCTV footage is always best in broad daylight when imagery will be clearer. In poorer weather conditions, it will be more difficult to get a confirmed identity of a trespassing or vandalising individual. This is especially the case in very stormy weather when heavy rainfall could impact visibility further. This is where mobile patrols and manned guarding will have a distinct advantage, as nothing beats having feet on the ground, patrolling your business premises. Our security officers are all equipped with excellent sturdy footwear and waterproof jackets, meaning whatever the weather, we're always more than prepared.

We can also provide you with thermal intruder identification, which is especially useful in dark and miserable weather. This picks up images using body heat, meaning trespassers are lit up on the screen! It would then be down to our security officers to attend the scene and remove them from your property – calling the local authorities if required.

Checking the perimeters for flood or storm damage

High winds, flooding, and heavy rain can all cause damage to your business site, especially if your perimeter fencing is poorly maintained. Part of our role as security officers is checking the perimeters and reporting damage to you. Damage to your physical security measures such as railings and barbed wire could make it much easier for individuals to gain access to your property, therefore, having it reported quickly so it can be repaired will assist in crime prevention at your business.

For more information on how we can work advise you on security at your business this winter, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team. We look forward to hearing from you.

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