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To cut a long story short, it really depends on your business, the size of the premises and what you're aiming to achieve by investing in on-site security guards.

Static Manned Guarding for Event Security, Retail Security and Licensed Gaming

If you're looking for security officers to guard the entrance to an event or perhaps to your shop, then static manned guarding would be the right choice for you. Static manned guarding protects premises against unauthorised access, and reduces the likelihood of disorderly behaviour, damage and theft.

Static manned guarding creates a secure presence outside - or indeed inside - letting event goers or shoppers know that you're invested in keeping them safe. This the best solution for enhanced security at sites where personnel or assets might be at risk, and it acts as an excellent deterrent too.

Mobile Security Patrols for Construction Sites, Industrial Sites and Retail Security

Mobile security patrols simply mean security guards that are able to move around your premises to ensure order and report any suspicious behaviour. This might be particularly relevant out of hours, ensuring that there are trained eyes at your premises throughout the night when crime might be more likely.

Even if you have CCTV at your business premises, there will be places that the CCTV can't reach, and who will be watching it? Prevention is always better than cure, so having trained security guards, ready to react to anything suspicious, doing regular patrols of the site, and monitoring your CCTV, will make a difference in reducing the risk of crime.

The size of the premises and your bespoke requirements will determine the frequency of which your site would be patrolled. We will work with you to secure a contract that works for you, allowing you to sleep through the night, knowing your premises is in safe hands.

Why choose CSS Ltd Security Officers?

All of our security officers are SIA Licensed, and we never subcontract. This means we can always ensure quality as we invest in our staff, and we will always choose the right security guard with the necessary qualifications and experience to meet your needs. We understand that each contract is unique and will require a specific set of skills. Not subcontracting our security guards means we can be sure that the security officer(s) we send to represent CSS Ltd will do an outstanding job.

We have also recently invested in Deputy - a workforce management solution that allows us to remotely manage our staff. This tools ensure our staff are always where they say they are, as each guard is required to log in/out for attendance and welfare breaks, thus enhancing the standard of service delivered by CSS Ltd.

For more information on how CSS Ltd can help you maintain the safety of your business with our manned guarding or mobile patrol service, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We'd love to talk you through options that would work specifically for you and the needs of your site.

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