What are you looking for in a security provider?
Investing in a security provider is the first step in protecting your business and its assets from crime.
Hot weather = more crime, but why?
Levels of violent crime is affected by temperature, with perpetrators being hot and bothered, tempers can boil over in more ways than one!
Side of car Security
A key part of the role of a security officer is customer service.
A summer of events awaits, but have you considered security requirements?
England removed COVID-19 restrictions months ago, and that means large-scale events – both indoor and outdoor – are once more there for us to all enjoy. With proper planning and a positive and proactive security presence in place, we're confident that you'll be able to host a safe event!
How physical security measures can help in protecting against fraud and cybercrime
There are several ways to implement physical security at your business that will boost your defences against cybercrime.
A busy weekend ahead for our door supervisors…
For many, this weekend marks a four-day weekend to enjoy with friends and family. For our door supervisors, it will most likely be a particularly busy weekend!