Published: 22 May 2022 in

Darker, colder evenings could make you think that crime rates during the winter are higher, so you might be surprised to hear that actually crime rates can be 14% higher during the summer months. For business owners, this makes it even more important to be vigilant with their security measures – assessing their individual risk factors and mitigating the risk with quality security through expert security providers such as us!

But why is the crime rate typically higher during the summer months?

Longer, warmer evenings provide more of an opportunity

Longer evenings mean visibility is better for longer, and the more pleasant weather conditions are a stark difference from the cold, icy, rainy, and dark winter nights of previous months. This could make the difference between someone wanting to trespass and attempting to vandalise or burgle your business property. The better visibility could allow them to find weaknesses more easily in your perimeter, or even use overgrown hedges and trees to climb to gain access.

Increased footfall results in a higher risk

When thinking about the number of people taking an evening stroll, the number of people sitting in a beer garden or the number of people simply out and about during the summer months, it greatly exceeds that of the winter. This higher footfall on the streets outside your business means it’s much more likely that a criminal will walk past and create an opportunity to deface your property and steal your assets.

Higher alcohol consumption means higher risks of anti-social behaviour

We’re sure that almost everyone can relate to a long, boozy afternoon in a pub garden or friend’s garden, with the warmer weather encouraging longer drinking sessions and perhaps poorer decisions being made as a result! This ‘Dutch courage’ due to higher alcohol consumption could mean that individuals are more likely to try and gain access to your business property.

Higher temperatures negatively impact behavioural responses

Interesting, research has shown that higher temperatures can negatively impact people's behaviour, making them more irritable and shorter-tempered. This could cause them to act out and perhaps vandalise your business property or worse!

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