Published: 24 Oct 2021 in

It’s been greatly acknowledged in the media following a series of harrowing events that more needs to be done to protect women in public places. If you’re the owner of a bar, club, or pub you’ll be well aware of the ‘Ask for Angela’ scheme, and as such know about the importance of keeping your female (and male, of course) punters safe from harm when on your premises and the surrounding area if possible.

Whilst the ‘Ask for Angela’ scheme is a brilliant initiative, it relies on security officers or members of your team being made aware that there is an issue. What security officers can do is one step further due to their specialist training and ability to manage situations.

Deter perpetrators with the presence of trained security

As with all crime, having security officers on site is a great deterrent. Not only does their training ensure they’re on the ball throughout the duration of their shift, but they are all fitted with body cameras. This means that they act as a mobile CCTV camera, so even if something is missed, it can be caught on camera to be used at a later date if required.

Recognise anti-social behaviour before it becomes an issue

If someone at your pub, club or bar is engaging in anti-social behaviour, our security officers can quickly and calmly remove them from the premises, removing the threat from your other punters. However, our security offices can also recognise if someone is particularly vulnerable to predatory behaviour and act accordingly if needed.

Support women in finding a safe way home

As part of the ‘Ask for Angela’ scheme, we can support women – and men – in finding a safe way home. This might be walking them to their car in the adjacent car park, for example, or calling a taxi and waiting with that individual until it arrives.

So, if you’re looking to further your career within the security industry, please check on our website or email us an up-to-date copy of your C.V. We never subcontract, we invest in training and we work hard to support our staff. You will need to hold a valid SIA license before applying.

Alternatively, for more information on how we can work advise you on security and staffing at your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team. We look forward to hearing from you.