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When you consider public safety, your first thought will no doubt be with the police. You might think about terrorism or perhaps something as simple as how safe it feels to walk out of your front door – day or night. Though we work closely with our clients to ensure their security needs are met, public safety is always a top concern whenever our security officers are on shift. This is particularly relevant with our door supervisors who work directly with the public, as well as any event security we might do.

We strongly believe that everyone should feel safe, regardless of what time of day or night and regardless of location. Our training and our core values are bedding in what safety is and how we can help achieve it.

How does de-escalation training support public safety?

Perhaps the most obvious way we can support public safety is through our extensive training, with de-escalation being an incredibly useful method of calming volatile situations down. All of our security officers are highly trained in this area, and work hard to quickly diffuse any antisocial behaviour that might cause others harm.

Putting yourself in danger’s way is not an easy job, and doing so safely to protect others is arguably a commendable trait. This is why we’re so proud of the work that our security officers do every day, knowing they’re able to protect others from crime.

It’s also worth noting that having a security presence is an excellent crime deterrent, and crime rates are lower when uniformed security officers are clearly in sight – supporting public safety wherever we are.

How does the Ask for Angela scheme encourage public safety?

'Ask for Angela' is a brilliant code-word campaign for people feeling unsafe in a venue. It allows both men and women to approach a member of staff, asking them to 'Ask for Angela'. This alerts the member of staff to know this person feels uncomfortable or unsafe and therefore needs a safe way out.

This member of staff could be someone behind the bar, a waiter or waitress, a manager, a door supervisor, or a security guard. Every single one of our incredible security staff is aware of the 'Ask for Angela' campaign and knows exactly how to discretely and effectively help anyone who approaches them with the code words.

As part of the ‘Ask for Angela’ scheme, we can support women – and men – in finding a safe way home. This might be walking them to their car in the adjacent car park, for example, or calling a taxi and waiting with that individual until it arrives.

How can we safely detain individuals until the local authorities arrive?

One of our key responsibilities is detaining criminals until the police arrive. It might be that we’ve seen them trespassing on CCTV, it might be that we’ve caught them vandalising property, or it might be antisocial behaviour. We can help ensure public safety by legally detaining them until the local authorities arrive on the scene.

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