Published: 01 Oct 2021 in

Last Christmas wasn’t the festive and sociable celebration that people look forward to, the pandemic ensured that we all had to stay apart. This year, it’s looking much more likely that we’ll be able to celebrate with friends and family, as well as work colleagues, and take part in public events too. Christmas this year, therefore, looks to be much more eventful, and every properly organised event needs safety and security. This is where we can help!

As the event organiser, it’s your role to ensure that everyone remains safe. This will include the pre-COVID safety measures, such as ticketing, parking organisation, and managing anti-social behaviour, but it will more than likely include new measures too – something that has been in the headlines recently. We’re talking about NHS COVID vaccination passports. So, how can Carter security assist? 

1.    We are an experienced security team

Firstly, you want to put your trust in a security company that has the right experience. The team here at Carter Security has over 30 years of providing excellent security to a range of different industries, with event security very much included in our portfolio. All organised events regardless of size require a security presence, if only for health and safety control. Our team has a vast knowledge of crowd control, vehicle access, car park management, and conflict management to ensure your event runs smoothly.

2.    Ticketing and COVID-19 Vaccination passports

Most organised events will have tickets, but the requirement for entry could now include a COVID-19 vaccination passport, or possibly a negative lateral test. This could be seen as added admin at the gates and could cause delays and perhaps agitation from event goers that oppose those measures. With trained security professionals at the door, entry can be smooth, calm, and efficient, even with these extra precautions in place. Our training as COVID-19 Marshals really helps us to communicate with the general public about extra measures and why they’re important.

3.    Appearance and security uniform

Everyone wants to look their best at a Christmas party, and that means us too! A security team needs to be in uniform, looking smart and professional at all times. Being in uniform is especially important should a guest need to inform a security officer of a situation, as it makes them easily recognisable. With our smart, new branding, we’re ready to look the part.

We hope that your Christmas party or Christmas fundraiser will be a huge success, and we want to make sure the stories being told about it years later are funny anecdotes instead of security horror stories!
For more information on how our security officers can assist you with your festive party, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We can work with you from the early planning stages to decide on a security presence that works for your event. We look forward to hearing from you.