Published: 06 Nov 2021 in

Security officers are on the front line and that makes them more at risk to antisocial behaviour. COVID-19 is still very much in the population, and this puts security officers at risk of catching this virus, not just being subjected to violence. This makes it even more important that we can support our security officers with safeguarding advice to keep them as safe as possible on each and every shift – no matter what time of day or night. So, what can security officers do to keep safe?

Maintain a distance, where possible

Whilst social distancing is still very much advised, this isn’t always possible for a security officer who might need to become physically involved in a volatile situation. However, when possible, maintaining a distance is still the right thing to do. Most of the general public will appreciate an additional amount of space, especially after the last 18 months! Extra space will almost always now be accounted for, so allowing security officers more space to distance, will help with safeguarding.

Supplying the correct PPE

Personal Protection equipment is a must. Where possible, guards should wear the appropriate PPE to ensure that they are safe. This includes steel toe cap boots and a body camera. A body camera is an excellent deterrent to abusive behaviour making it an essential piece of equipment when it comes to safeguarding.

Avoid spittle wherever possible

As we’re all well aware, coronavirus is spread by spittle passing between individuals. Those under the influence of alcohol – which our door supervisors in the hospitality industry are most likely to come into contact with – are arguable fairly likely to invade someone’s personal space and exude spittle from their mouths. This would put our security officers at a higher risk, making it important to recommend the use of facemasks and outdoor working should that be possible.

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