Published: 12 May 2023 in

As the summer holidays approach, schools, universities, and colleges across the UK prepare for a temporary break in educational activities. However, this period of reduced activity poses security risks for these institutions. Empty campuses and unattended facilities become tempting targets for criminal activities such as vandalism, theft, and trespassing. To safeguard the valuable assets of educational institutions during the summer holidays, employing the services of a trusted security provider becomes imperative.

With reduced foot traffic and decreased security presence, educational institutions become prime targets for criminal activities during the summer holidays. Vacant buildings, unattended equipment, and valuable assets make schools, universities, and colleges attractive to vandals, burglars, and trespassers. Implementing comprehensive security measures is crucial to prevent potential threats and maintain the integrity of these institutions.

Consider Alarm Response Services

Engaging a trusted security provider that offers alarm response services is an excellent proactive step in safeguarding educational institutions. These services ensure that any alarm activations or security breaches are promptly addressed by trained professionals: our SIA-licensed security officers. Swift response times by security personnel minimize the risk of theft, property damage, or unauthorised access, providing peace of mind.

Consider Mobile Patrols

Mobile patrols are an effective deterrent against criminal activities during the prolonged summer holidays. Security personnel, equipped with specialised training, conduct regular patrols on educational campuses, both during daylight and night-time hours. The presence of these patrols acts as a visible deterrent, preventing potential criminals from targeting the premises. Mobile patrols also provide quick response capabilities, allowing security personnel to address any security breaches or incidents promptly.

Consider CCTV Surveillance

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems are indispensable tools for monitoring and securing educational institutions. Strategically placed cameras offer comprehensive coverage of critical areas, including entry points, car parks, and outdoor spaces. CCTV systems serve as a proactive measure, deterring criminal activities and providing valuable evidence in the event of an incident. Additionally, modern CCTV systems often feature advanced analytics, such as motion detection and facial recognition, further enhancing the security posture of educational institutions.

Partnering with a reputable security provider offers several advantages for school, universities and colleges. We possess expertise in securing various facilities and possess an in-depth understanding of the specific security challenges faced during the summer holidays. We employ highly trained security personnel who are well-versed in handling security breaches, managing conflicts, and offering responsive solutions. Additionally, we stay updated with the latest technological advancements, ensuring that our clients have access to cutting-edge security solutions.

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