Published: 27 Aug 2021 in

With COVID-19 still very much a pressing issue for festival organisers, keeping everyone attending safe is the number one priority. Before the pandemic, safety at large scale events should have always been at the top of the list, and with the added concern of coronavirus, having a trained and trustworthy security presence has never been more important.

Ticketing and entrance

Ensuring that every member of the public who enters the vicinity of the festival has paid for their ticket is perhaps the most important factor – especially in these uncertain times. We can ensure that we have door supervisors ready to check tickets, as well as manned guarding and mobile patrols around the perimeter, ensuring that only the people who paid to attend are let in.

Parking safety

You might be surprised to hear that our security officers can assist with parking measures. This means keeping everything in order in entrances and exits, ensuring that the flow of traffic isn’t disrupted and that everyone can park safely.

Diffusing anti-social behaviour

With festivals a place where people can let their hair down, so to speak, individuals under the influence of drugs and alcohol may have lower tolerances to anti-social behaviour or start a situation that has the potential to turn violent. Our security officers are highly trained in de-escalation techniques to get a handle on a situation before it becomes dangerous. Should troublesome individuals need escorting off the premises, or should the local authorities need to be called, our security officers can assist.

Guarding private areas

As with all large events, there may be some areas that general members of the public are not permitted. In a festival scenario, this might include a backstage area. Having security officers in these areas reduced the risk of someone breaking through and causing unnecessary havoc and delays.

Escorting VIP parties

If your festival has high-profile acts, it might be that a security presence is required to guard them throughout their duration. We can arrange for this to be the case, putting their safety above all else.

Our experience as COVID-19 Marshals

Finally, there’s the issue of that pesky virus! During the height of the pandemic, many of our security officers had to diversify and because trained Covid-19 marshals. This involved working with local councils and patrolling town centres, for example, ensuring that everyone was abiding by government guidance. We can apply to same protocols to your festival, should that be required.

We look forward to hearing from you, discussing your specific security requirements and timescales, and finding a solution that enables you to operate securely and productively!

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