Security teams are back for the first weekend at hospitality venues

Security teams are back for the first weekend at hospitality venues

It’s the weekend we’ve all been waiting for! Both personally and professionally, the reopening of pubs across the UK is a brilliant step back towards normality. During the pandemic, your friendly local has had to close its doors several times over, and for the first time since March last year, it looks as though those days might be behind us once and for all!

For door supervisors, this means returning to work. Of course, clubs are still closed for another few months, but with no curfews and no substantial meals, pubs can be open (outside) until the early hours – not to mention being able to meet with up to five other people from different households.

Across the country, photos are being shared of groups of friends enjoying themselves outside with snaps of pints of beer and cocktails being posted to social media. After months of isolation and restrictions, there are two key things our door supervisors need to be aware of.

Ensuring that government guidelines surrounding social distancing and other COVID-19 measures are being adhered to.

After over a year of restrictions, the last thing anyone wants is for infection rates and death rates to begin to rise exponentially and hospitality venues to close once more. As trusted security guards for valued clients, we also want to do all we can to protect the venues we’re contracted to from receiving fines for breaking the government guidelines. This adds another dimension to our training, ensuring our security teams are well aware of current guidance and how to communicate it effectively to members of the public.

Managing anti-social behaviour, which could be more likely due to people only recently being able to socialise once more.

After months of not being able to see friends and family, the pubs being able to reopen outdoors gives people the opportunity to let their hair down once more. This might encourage people to drink a little more than they’re used to and in doing so could cause antisocial behaviour. Those under the influence of alcohol could easily be less willing to stick to government guidance surrounding social distancing, or their behaviour could escalate to become confrontational or aggressive. This makes door supervisors that are highly trained in de-escalation techniques particularly pertinent in the coming weeks.

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