Published: 11 May 2022 in

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, with more and more people booking time off work to escape for some much-needed rest and recuperation. After what felt like countless lockdowns over the past two years, the opportunity to explore somewhere new and quite possibly abroad without needing to be concerned with too many restrictions has proven appealing to many families. What this means is your business may be left short-staffed, making it vulnerable to crime.

A change in keyholder could lead to mistakes when locking up your business premises.

One of the most important roles within your business when it comes to security is your designated keyholder. If this person goes on annual leave, the responsibility of locking up at the end of the working day would inevitably change hands to someone perhaps less reliable or simply unfamiliar with the routine. This could lead to mistakes being made, such as alarms not being checked and set, windows and doors being left unlocked, or even gates left open.

At Carter Security, we offer a keyholding service and a lock/unlock service, whereby a fully trained and SIA licensed security officer would be designated as the keyholder to your business. This means you have a professional that is solely responsible for locking up your business. We can ensure the building is left as secure as possible.

What if your whole business closes over the summer?

If you’re in the education sector, or you’re in an industry that allows the business to close for a prolonged period of time allowing your team to simultaneously take time off, then you might want to consider extra security measures during this period. Manned guarding and/or mobile patrols could be a good option, or you might want to step up your CCTV surveillance. We can assist you in choosing the best security option for your specific situation and budget. Every contract is always tailor-made to ensure it meets the individual needs of the client.

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