Published: 12 Aug 2022 in

We are highly trained at providing security for the licensed gaming industry. We understand how important it is to ensure that your business operates safely and abides by the law. By investing in trusted security officers, your customers feel safe and supported too.

There are 3 key reasons that define security at a casino: abiding by the law, keeping your customers safe and happy, and remaining respected by the local community.

  1. Abiding by the law

There are many rules and regulations that as a licensed gaming venue you will need to pay close attention to ensure that your license remains valid. This includes:

  • Challenge 25
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Drug awareness
  • Gambling addiction

The above needs to have clear measures in place at your venue, to ensure that the police understand that you take the safety of your customers seriously. Our security officers are well-versed in these aspects of the law and as door supervisors at your venue, they’ll ensure the law is abided to at all times.

 2.    Keeping your customer safe and happy

Unfortunately, there will always be a few people who don't quite understand their limit when it comes to alcohol and perhaps even indulge in illegal substances. This could be detrimental to the reputation of your business, causing a decline in business.

Our security officers are highly trained in understanding how people under the influence of alcohol might behave, diffusing any situations that might arise as a result. Our SIA licensed security guards will react quickly, professionally and within the confines of the law. Having a uniformed security presence also act as a brilliant deterrent, encouraging good behaviour, deterring the bad!

3.     Remain respected by the local community

Casinos and licensed gaming venues often have late opening hours, and this can often have a negative reputation within the local community. They have a reputation of being disruptive in the early hours of the morning, and understandably, this can make the local community irritable.

By investing in door supervisors, you demonstrate that you take the safety of the public just as seriously as you take the safety of your customers. Our security officers are highly trained in 'keeping the peace'. They understand exactly how to disperse an incident, prevent it from escalating and perhaps most importantly, act as a deterrent to bad behaviour in the first place.

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