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As the furlough scheme comes to an end for many, it's meant a lack of job security for thousands of people across the UK. More and more companies are being forced to make mass redundancies due to changes in demand because of the coronavirus pandemic. This is, understandably, an extremely difficult time for many, but amidst the difficulty, there is opportunity.

It's been reported that a growing number of people whose jobs are at risk, or who have lost their jobs, are turning to careers they might not have normally considered. These roles are primarily those that have been defined as 'key workers', as these not only offer security during potential future periods of lockdown but also have a greater sense of job satisfaction because they're seen as essential workers. One such career is that of security, and -- conveniently -- we are hiring.

A career in security is a life choice. It's challenging, you will find yourself in unfamiliar situations where your training really will need to be utilised to keep you safe and offer the best possible outcome. But, we do offer an extensive training program, and we heavily in our staff to ensure they ensure their role and are able to really make a difference in the work they do.

There are two key factors you should consider before pursuing a career in security.

You need to be both physically and mentally strong enough

Whether you take on the position of a door supervisor or mobile patrol officer, it's likely that working in security will involve spending a log time on your feet. You'll also need to consider whether you're physically strong enough to restrain an individual until the local authorities arrive, should a situation need this response. Remote working, verbal abuse and night time shifts can be tough on your mental health, this is why we ask anyone considering a role in security to be aware of the mental challenges they might face.

You need to be both time flexible and committed to your role -- it isn't just a job

A role in the security industry relies upon teamwork, and that means working on a rota, as well as staying linked to the support staff in the head office. This could include sometimes working nights, and it could mean covering your colleagues at times of sickness or annual leave.

You will need an SIA license?

For us, we only accept applications from individuals who have a valid SIA license. Simply put -- "SIA licensing covers manned guarding (including security guarding, door supervision, close protection, cash and valuables in transit, and public space surveillance using CCTV), key holding and vehicle immobilising. Licensing ensures that private security operatives are 'fit and proper' persons who are properly trained and qualified to do their job." -- Taken from the Security Industry Authority government website.

So, if you're currently looking for work due to implications of Covid-19, we are recruiting for Security Officers, Gate House Officers, Mobile Patrol Officers and Manned Guard-Reception Officers - for full-time and part-time positions. If you could picture yourself as working for one of the leading security companies in the UK, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!


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