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We are always on the lookout to recruit SIA licensed security officers to join the Carter Security team, so if you’re looking to join a company that is known for its excellence, please get in touch with us today using the contact form below.

All we care about is your qualifications and your dedication to the role. If you’re a good fit for the team, we will have a position for you, it’s as simple as that! Security is one of those incredible industries that can welcome people from all walks of life, your unique life experience, physical build, gender, accent, family background all make you incredibly well suited to a certain aspect of security. Door supervisors need a differing set of skills to mobile patrols, and some industries such as licensed gaming verses education might be better suited to others. This makes it an inclusive and rewarding industry, and with clients needing security all over the United Kingdom, we confident we’ll have a suitable position lined up for you.
As is always the case, we have extremely high standards when it comes to recruitment, but now more than ever, it's important for us to get it right.

You must hold a valid SIA license

We will never subcontract our security officers, giving you the protection and security you need from a strong company behind you. It’s for this reason that it’s important that you already hold a valid SIA licensed before applying for a position with us. For us, holding a valid SIA license is the basic standard that every Carter Security officer hold, and all potential candidates need to hold this before applying. This allows us to build upon an individual's training, industry-specific training as well depending on the client and contract.

You can easily apply via the government website:

Be aware of current government guidance and the guidance recommended by the client
As a security officer, you must be professional and sensitive to all situations, and this includes conversations surrounding COVID-19. Whilst restrictions might now no longer be legally enforceable, if our client wants to encourage the use of face masks and social distancing on their business premises, they are more than entitled to. It is our role as security officers to respect these decisions ourselves, and support others – staff and customers, for example – to do the same.

It is our role to keep businesses and members of the public safe -- more than just physical security measures, and the needs of the client will always come first.

The role of a security officer is a complex one, but incredibly rewarding too! We are seen as trustworthy, responsible and professional individuals, ready to respond to whatever situation is presented in front of us. Regardless of the role and contract, a security officer needs to be calm and be an excellent communicator. We are an extension to the team of our clients, and as such a security officer represents both Carter Security and the client. We have an excellent reputation in the security industry, and if you think what you have what it takes, please get in touch to apply today

If you're interested in a career with Carter Security Solutions, please email your CV to or fill in the contact form below.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for quality security at your business, we look forward to discussing your specific security requirements and timescales and finding a solution that enables you to operate securely and productively!

Please get in touch if you'd like to know what security officer positions we are currently recruiting for.