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Whether your business is in a city or town centre location, or somewhere much more rural, you’ll need to be security-conscious to make sure that you’re protecting your assets.

Why are rural locations victims of crime?

Large, open rural businesses are much more likely to be victims of serious crime, even though there’s a lower population. You might think that a more densely populated area means a higher risk of opportunistic criminals doing serious damage, but more people can actually be a crime deterrent. Why? Because someone trying to break and enter would have to do so without the prying eyes of the public – a very difficult task in cities and towns! So, whilst cities and towns do have more criminal activity, it will often be caught on camera, or witnessed by members of the public and quickly reported to the local authorities. These crimes are typically the result of opportunistic behaviour, rather than planned attacks.

Also, it’s much easier to monitor and secure a small area – such as that of business premises in a city or town, compared to a larger area, often associated with rural businesses and buildings. Therefore, rural businesses need to ensure that they have the right security measures put into place.

If you’re a rural business owner, you’ll need to conduct a full risk assessment for the below:

  • Entry and exit points, including those that might only be accessible on foot
  • Fencing, especially where fencing might end, and consider the type of fencing you have
  • Woodland areas, and large open areas
  • Your power infrastructure, and how easily it could be accessed and damaged
  • Tools someone might need to be able to gain access to your buildings
  • Key areas most likely to be targeted


Consider an alarm response system, or have manned guarding or mobile patrols

Deterring criminals or catching them in the act will always be the goal when it comes to security. An alarm response system could be a great, non-invasive way for you to know that you have security officers on hand should the alarm be sounded. We’d aim to get there as soon as we’re able, and we can detain individuals until the local authorities arrive.

By far the most effective security measure you could take would be manned guarding, or if you have a particularly large area, then our mobile patrol teams. Our mobile patrols are deployed in electric vehicles, and can cover large distances and manage any suspicious behaviour there and then.

For more information on how we can support your business with our security services, please don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.

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