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How can I prevent squatters?

Preventing squatting is all about making sure that your property is as inaccessible as possible while it is empty.

Having intrusions from trespassers or people who remain in the property as squatters can generate significant costs to owners, for example:

  • Damage to the fabric of the property itself;
  • The running up of bills for utilities still connected to the premises;
  • Legal fees for eviction;
  • Costs of repairs;
  • Costs of removing rubbish or fly-tipped items;
  • Increased insurance costs in the future and fees for excess in the event of claims.

If you know your property is going to be empty, you should take steps to make it as difficult as possible to get in.

You should make sure that your property is constantly secure. Any entry points should be safely locked. If the property is going to be vacant for an extended period, then alarm systems should be set and working.  Install steel and anti-tamper fixings on to windows to protect them.  Windows are a common way for intruders to get into a property.

Make it unappealing for squatters by turning off water and electricity

Follow these tips and it will make it more difficult for squatters to gain entry.

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