Is your industrial site secure?

Industrial sites tend to be away from residential areas, and they’re known for having expensive machinery inside often poorly protected buildings. It’s often the case that industrial sites utilise shift working patterns too. This makes it difficult to keep the building secure, as so many people regularly come and go, making it tricky to keep an eye on unauthorised personnel gaining access to restricted areas. This makes it particularly important to assess your security needs and hire an experienced security provider that understands your specific requirements.

1. Recognise potential threats

There are a huge number of factors that could affect the security of your industrial site. These will all create different threats for you to consider. For example:

  • Location: is your business situated in an area with a high or low crime rate?
  • Controlled access: do you have set measures in place to reduce the risk of trespassing?
  • Business type: do you have expensive products, materials or machinery on-site?
  • Size and layout: Is your industrial site spread over a large or small area of land?

If you’re unsure about how to recognise potential threats, we can help you. Our team can pay you a visit, assess the site in detail, and provide you with excellent security solutions. All you need to do is give us a call.

2. Invest in quality security technology

The first step for most it to utilise smart and sophisticated technology. This could include thermal intruder identification, CCTV, alarm systems and secure entrances and exits. Whilst this is a great step, it will never be as effective as having training security officers on site.

3. Contract mobile patrols and manned guarding

Whether your industrial site expands over a large area or is relatively small, nothing is a better deterrent to crime than have security officers on site. For larger business premises, you might choose a mobile patrol service. This would involve security officers patrolling, day or night, able to step in should a problem arise. Manned guarding would be particularly effective at entrances and exits, ensuring only authorised personnel are able to get on site.

For more information on how we can work with you to provide a quality security service at your industrial site, please don’t hesitate to get in touch a member of our team. No matter where you are in the country, we’ll be able to assist, as we offer a national security service with a local touch. We’d love to talk you through which service would work best for your business.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to further your career within the security industry, please check the careers section on our website or email us an up to date copy of your C.V. We never subcontract our staff, we invest in their training and we work hard to support our staff. We look forward to meeting you.


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