Two main considerations of corporate security

If you’re looking into corporate security then it is clear that you’re already taking your business very seriously – and that’s fantastic.

Corporate security differs in its approach when compared to other services we offer, as it often requires a great degree of emotional intelligence and trust. The security officers that you contract to keep your business safe represent not only us but represent you too, therefore it’s important to ensure you choose the right security company! Getting it wrong could lose you the trust of your employees, and it could also cost you should your business be targeted by crime.

In a nutshell, corporate security can be broken down into two main parts, the protection of your employees, and the protection of your business premises.

1. Protect your employees

Your employees are your most valuable asset, and if their nature of work could put them in the firing line of negative attention, you should already be considering a security service to make them safer in, or indeed out of, the workplace.

There are a number of reasons why certain employees might need an additional security presence. Perhaps they have access to large amounts of money within the business, or maybe there are responsible for the security of sensitive data? Perhaps they are required to travel, and an airport escort service would be a sensible investment? No matter what the reason, our corporate security service can help to keep them protected – wherever they are - putting your mind at rest in the process.

Having door supervisors at your place of work could make your staff feel more protected and relaxed in the workplace too. Our security guards are professional, trustworthy and well presented, making them an easy fit for any workplace environment. We can create a security contract that works for you, ensuring security is present, but not overwhelming for your employees.

2. Protect your business premises

Mobile patrols consist of security officers that have their own clearly branded vehicle and can easily move around your business premises, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – if necessary. This acts as an excellent deterrent to crime, helping to reduce insurance costs along the way! Being on the move allows them to cover more ground, checking the perimeter for any compromised areas of fencing, for example, as well as checking in places that might not be covered by CCTV. 

All of our security guards are SIA licensed, and we never subcontract. This means we invest time and money into recruiting the most ideal security guards to suit both the site and the client’s requirements. This makes us particularly well suited for providing security for the corporate sector, as we can guarantee a professional approach.

For more information on how our security guards can provide excellent security solutions for your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to tailoring a security contract specific to your business needs.

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