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Concrete blockades: 3 reasons why they are worth the investment

Concrete blockades aren’t what first spring to mind when it comes to security, but they are actually highly effective at keeping trespassers off your land. With us, you’ll find the process extremely simple, all you need to do is decide where you’d like them, and we can do the rest. We’ve put together 3 key reasons why concrete blockades could be the answer to your security issues, especially if trespassing is a particular concern.

1 February 2019

5 Great Qualities of a CSS Ltd Door Supervisor

When you hire a door supervisor service from CSS Ltd you will get outstanding service. You’ll receive a contract that suits your business and an individual, or indeed individuals, that understand your business needs and understand your industry.

It goes without saying that they will all have access to Deputy, our way of remotely managing our staff, and that all of our staff will be SIA licensed. We’d also like to reiterate that we never subcontract staff, instead preferring to work with each and every member of our team so they know exactly what is expected of them and to ensure quality across the board.

Which bring us to the subject title of this blog, the 5 great qualities of a CSS Ltd door supervisor:

8 January 2019

Mobile Patrolling within the ground of your school, college or university.

Either this week or next week, schools will be breaking up for Christmas and New Year celebrations. Whilst for many this will a brilliant time off to spend time with friends and family, for us it means keeping your school, college or university safe and secure during the seasonal festivities...

19 December 2018

Make ‘Quality Security’ a New Years’ Resolution

Most people will make a New Years’ resolution to eat better, drink less alcohol, exercise more and perhaps make more of an effort with friends and family. This is great if you want to only focus on personal goals. but what if you want to benefit your staff by ensuring they have a safe and profitable place to work in the new year? If you’re a business owner, then maybe your New Year’s resolution should be to ensure the safety of your business premises and staff? This can be through CCTV monitoring on site, mobile patrols, door supervision, manned guarding, alarm response or key holding.

 So, what makes CSS Ltd security the perfect solution?

19 December 2018

Industrial security at its best

Industrial sites are often victim to both internal and external threats. That makes it even more important for security guards to be aware of HACCP, TACCP and VACCP, and we consider this to be an essential part of our industrial security service.

10 December 2018

Corporate Security that means you really can be ‘Driving Home For Christmas’

Do you have time off over Christmas? Perhaps you’ve booked off the week before so you can finalise preparations? Or maybe you’ve booked off the period between Christmas Day and New Years’ Day?

30 November 2018