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The key to a quality security service

When people think of the security industry, the first thing to spring to mind would no doubt be security officers, door supervisors and mobile patrols. Whilst these are, of course, fundamental services that we offer, we also offer an exceptional key holding and alarm response service.


18 February 2019

Corporate security: setting the right first impression

First impressions count. When it comes to security for the corporate sector, there are two main things to consider when it comes to first impressions.

  1. Are you offering the appropriate level of security?
  2. Does your chosen security contractor have the right image to represent your business?

We can work with you on both aspects to ensure your corporate setting has a contract that works for your business needs, as well as experienced, professional security guards in place that ‘look’ the part.

11 February 2019

How human error could compromise the security of your business

The biggest breaches in security are often the result of human error. So much so that the very people that you rely on to keep your business running could become your biggest risk. Trusting an external security supplier such as ourselves will go a long way in preventing silly mistakes – we’re professionals after all - but there are a few things we can’t help you with that you must consider implementing now.

11 February 2019

Concrete blockades: 3 reasons why they are worth the investment

Concrete blockades aren’t what first spring to mind when it comes to security, but they are actually highly effective at keeping trespassers off your land. With us, you’ll find the process extremely simple, all you need to do is decide where you’d like them, and we can do the rest. We’ve put together 3 key reasons why concrete blockades could be the answer to your security issues, especially if trespassing is a particular concern.

1 February 2019

5 Great Qualities of a CSS Ltd Door Supervisor

When you hire a door supervisor service from CSS Ltd you will get outstanding service. You’ll receive a contract that suits your business and an individual, or indeed individuals, that understand your business needs and understand your industry.

It goes without saying that they will all have access to Deputy, our way of remotely managing our staff, and that all of our staff will be SIA licensed. We’d also like to reiterate that we never subcontract staff, instead preferring to work with each and every member of our team so they know exactly what is expected of them and to ensure quality across the board.

Which bring us to the subject title of this blog, the 5 great qualities of a CSS Ltd door supervisor:

8 January 2019

Mobile Patrolling within the ground of your school, college or university.

Either this week or next week, schools will be breaking up for Christmas and New Year celebrations. Whilst for many this will a brilliant time off to spend time with friends and family, for us it means keeping your school, college or university safe and secure during the seasonal festivities...

19 December 2018