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“I’m dreaming of a safe Christmas”

When it comes to Christmas, everyone pictures being with friends and family, spending quality time together and appreciating the small things. It isn’t about big gestures or expensive gifts, it’s about the magic, the excitement and celebrating life and trying not to take anything – or anyone for that matter – for granted. One thing we do tend to take for granted is safety and security. We assume our homes are safe and secure because we locked the front door, we assume the office will be safe over the Christmas period because we set the alarm on the way out. The truth of the matter is, unfortunately, you can never take safety for granted. That’s where CSS Ltd comes in.

29 November 2018

3 reasons why professional security measures could lower your insurance costs

We understand that organising for your business premises or event to have SIA licensed security guards comes at a cost. We will always ensure our prices are fair and reflect the excellent quality of service we offer, but professional security is an investment and therefore will need to be budgeted for.


19 November 2018

Give the gift of security at your Christmas party

The nights are getting darker, the days are certainly getting colder and there are already whispers of Christmas in the air. Secret Santa names are getting drawn, advent calendars are now lining supermarket shelves and we’re beginning to hear talk of what people will be wearing at the office Christmas party! Whether you’re organising an end of the year corporate event or a charity fundraiser, Christmas is a brilliant excuse to get together and blow off a little steam.


19 November 2018

“Remember, remember the 5th of November, with security guarding your plot.”

That’s right, it’s that time of year where community bonfire nights get planned in, bringing crowds together to watch the sky light up with incredible firework displays. Whilst many of us simply wrap up warm, grab a cup of hot chocolate and pay our entry ticket, there are always a select few who have their own ideas. In fact, there are a lot of rules and regulations surrounding the use of fireworks, and rightly so – they’re explosives after all!

2 November 2018

Trick or treat? There’s nothing scary about CSS Ltd security guards!

Halloween is almost here, and that means trick or treating, pumpkin carving and dressing up! But did you also know that Halloween sees crime levels increase across the country? That’s right, it seems some people see dressing up for Halloween as an excellent excuse to hide their face with a whimsical mask in order to commit crimes.

29 October 2018

Excellent event security for your fireworks display evening

Firework displays really are a great way to get the local community together. It means wrapping up warm with scarves and gloves, putting on an extra pair of socks and making sure your phone is fully charged ready to take spectacular photos of the fireworks! Bonfire night is a brilliant excuse to meet up with friends and family, getting a hot chocolate from a food van and maybe even a cheeky hotdog too. Local firework events really are great, but they also require a security presence as there is potential for a lot to go wrong if security isn’t taken seriously.

29 October 2018