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How we keep our security guards safe if they are ‘lone workers’

A lone worker is someone who works by themselves, without direct supervision or close contact. This makes them more vulnerable to certain risks, risks that wouldn’t exist for office employees, for example, who work day in day out as part of a team during ‘normal’ working hours, Monday to Friday.  Lone workers, therefore, might include professionals such as maintenance staff, healthcare professionals, hospitality and, of course, security officers. It would also, surprisingly, include those who work from home – and with mobile technology improving more and more year on year, lone workers are a group of professionals expected to grow.

28 September 2018

Back to school, but is your school safe?

When parents send their child to school, they expect their child to be safe from the moment they enter the school gates in the morning to the end of the day when they leave. Safeguarding is a huge topic in the press, and it’s never far from hitting the headlines.

12 September 2018

Two main considerations of corporate security

If you’re looking into corporate security then it is clear that you’re already taking your business very seriously – and that’s fantastic.

Corporate security differs in its approach when compared to other services we offer, as it often requires a great degree of emotional intelligence and trust.

6 September 2018

How to interview successfully for a security guard position

We will always be interested to hear from people looking to develop their career in the security sector, and we advertise our roles regularly on both our website and LinkedIn.

6 September 2018

Operating with integrity

We like to stay up to date with industry news, and whilst we understand that you can’t trust everything you read online, we were disappointed to see a number of stories surface over the week.Stories included security guards uploading inappropriate videos online, abusing their position of trust and not helping members of the public in need. 

5 September 2018

Smart cameras and security apps vs a real-life security guard. What would you choose?

Anyone involved in security would have noticed the increase in home security cameras and mobile apps that are ready and waiting to alert you of a potential break-in.  These can often be delivered the next day, for under £20, and can easily installed yourself within a few minutes. They will often come with a free app that can be downloaded onto your mobile phone or tablet, allowing you to monitor your home or business from your phone, and they can also alert you to movement in front of the camera.  If you think it all sounds a little too good to be true, then you’re right. Here’s why smart cameras and security apps are actually a terrible investment.

17 August 2018