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A busy weekend ahead for our door supervisors…
For many, this weekend marks a four-day weekend to enjoy with friends and family. For our door supervisors, it will most likely be a particularly busy weekend!
We’re recruiting, could you be who we’re looking for?
We’re currently recruiting for security guards, door supervisors and mobile patrol officers in the Kings Lynn and West Norfolk area. Could you be who we’re looking for?
The cost of living crisis could increase the crime rate in your area
The cost of living crisis could increase the crime rate in your area, as poverty could cause people to turn to crime to try and make ends meet.
Returning to Work Post COVID-19
Every business considering the longevity of their business will need to consider risk, and mitigating that risk doesn’t need to be a difficult balance of budget versus needs - not
Keeping your business operational comes down to two key factors. You need trusted staff with the skills and dedication to be productive to the standards required, and you need to
Carter Security Uniform
If you're looking for a change in career or a change in company, and you’re considering a security officer role with Carter Security, there are a few things you'll need
Manned Guarding: A guide on what to expect
If you’re thinking about how to protect your business, manned guarding is perhaps the most effective way of deterring criminals, making it one of the most proactive security measures that
Start 2022 with a Security Presence Designed by a Security Expert
We’ve highlighted three key things that demonstrate quality when it comes to security.
Security that suits your budget amidst the cost of living crisis
Security always needs to take priority, and there are several solutions that we can assist you with that can be tailored to suit your budget.
Things to think about with spring security
Whilst spring is a beautiful time of year, there are a number of seasonal security factors to consider.