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The benefits of friendly neighbours

Do you have a good relationship with your business neighbours? Here's why it makes good security sense...

Lights, cameras… and fog cannons. Technical security measures that you can take at your business

In our latest blog, we discuss the benefits of light sensors, CCTV and fog cannons...

It was great to meet up with Isabel, who Carter Security proudly sponsors
Shooting and Security, two of Nick Carter’s passions!
Team day out Carter Security
Knowing the importance of both rewarding hard work, and building team culture, the team at Carter Security recently embarked on quite the challenge…
Are you worried about cybercrime? Here’s how physical security measures can help…
Passwords and sensitive information can often be found left on desks or thrown away in bins, to be emptied outside the property. If these fall into the wrong hands, you
Security for your Sporting Events
If you’ll be hosting a sporting event open to the public that’s of a significant scale, then you’ll need to be already considering security.
Your ‘Spring Cleaning’ list for security at your business premises
We've listed six things you should consider this spring to improve the security at your business.
Easter weekend means more security support for hospitality venues across the UK
Easter weekend is a highly anticipated weekend for all of us. It’s essentially a double bank holiday, making for a glorious 4-day weekend. This means that pubs, clubs, and bars
City Security Risks vs Rural Security Risks
Whether your business is in a city or town centre location, or somewhere much more rural, you’ll need to be security-conscious to make sure that you’re protecting your assets.
How will the long Easter weekend affect crime rates near your business?
As with any bank holiday, crime rates will be expected to rise during the long Easter weekend. Why? Because fewer people are at work, meaning more time for criminals to