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The financial insecurity in homes across the UK as a result of the rise in prices has led to a rise in crime. We can help.
What are you looking for in a security provider?
Investing in a security provider is the first step in protecting your business and its assets from crime.
Trusted Security for Licensed Gaming Venues
We are highly trained at providing security for the licensed gaming industry. We understand how important it is to ensure that your business operates safely and abides by the law.
Carter Staffing
We currently have vacancies for Security Officers, so taking the next step in your career in security could be much closer than you think! What does a career with us
Could you be trusted as a Carter Security Officer?
A recent article came to light about a criminal posing as a security officer, who alarmingly tricked bank staff into handing over £150,000!
How could a recession affect your business security?
For businesses across the country, a recession could trigger a security crisis for local businesses as unemployment levels rise and crime levels increase.
Keep the public safe and secure with SIA licensed security officers
Though we work closely with our clients to ensure their security needs are met, public safety is always a top concern whenever our security officers are on shift.
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Carter Consultancy is one third of The Carter Group, and gives you direct access to incredible security expertise.
Why you should consider a career with an industry-leading expert in security
No shift is ever the same, and as someone responsible for the security of a site or persons, it’s an amazingly rewarding role too.
Hot weather = more crime, but why?
Levels of violent crime is affected by temperature, with perpetrators being hot and bothered, tempers can boil over in more ways than one!