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Never underestimate the effectiveness of a security presence

A brilliant security officer will be humble and unassuming whilst still being maintaining an authoritative presence.  It’s an extremely difficult balance to strike, but one that our security officers have worked hard on perfecting. But why is it so important to be ‘quietly confident’ at all times?

5th July 2019

Festival security at its best

Festival season is well and truly underway! Just like any event, security is not only essential, but it’s expected, making the security team you contract just as important as the bands you choose to perform.

4th July 2019

Security guards in the news

This week it’s been upsetting to see not one, not two, but three accounts of security officers being attacked during their shifts. Unfortunately, facing abuse is a known risk of the job, but that doesn’t excuse aggressive behaviour towards security guards, and it’s always something taken very seriously. In the below examples reported in the news this week, most attacks were a result of the perpetrator trying to steal, and the security officer on duty simply doing their role. Shoplifting is clearly against the law, and getting caught in the act was enough to drive these criminals to violence.

2nd July 2019

Security in the sunshine

Whilst most of you will no doubt be out and enjoying the heatwave over the coming week, for our security officers, there’s no rest!

1st July 2019

The importance of feeling safe

Feeling safe is something many of us take for granted. When you feel safe and secure in the workplace, you can relax and concentrate on other things – be that building working relationships or being more productive. Knowing that your personal security is taken care of takes the pressure off, but it’s often easier said than done.

28th June 2019

Top 3 physical security threats to your business – and how to prevent them

No matter what industry your business sits under, if you have a physical location, there will be security risks associated with it. But what are they and how can they be prevented?

27th June 2019

What does it take to be a Carter Solutions and Services Limited security guard?

If you’re considering a career in security and you want to pursue a career for Carter Solutions and Services Limited, it‘s important to understand exactly what would be expected of you.

24th June 2019

Quality security, rain or shine!

What a wet and rainy start to the summer it’s been! The miserable weather can make it difficult to build up the courage to go outside, but for our security officers, there’s no weather bad enough that means we can’t give 110% on every shift. When the weather is gloomy, there’s a number of steps we take to ensure that the quality of the security service we provide isn’t compromised. The security equipment we provide to our security officers, the methodical approach we adopt, and our dedication to ongoing excellent training make the weather a non-significant factor in our day to day operations.

14th June 2019