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Retail security you can trust
With over 30 years of experience in the security industry – including retail security – we can support local retailers and retail parks by reducing shop lifting, and helping with
Who are we, and how can our security support your business?
Wash away any preconceptions you might have about how a security officer should look, because anyone who has the necessary skills, qualifications and attitude has the potential to be an
Festival season will be here before you know it, but have you sorted your security provider?
If you’re organising a festival, you’ll know that planning started a while ago already! Part of that planning has to be security.
Security Support for Sporting Events Shown at Pubs and Bars
Rowdy crowds cheering the country on is great for business, but should those crowds result in anti-social behaviour, it can very quickly become bad for your reputation.
Keep your Licensed Gaming Venue Secure with Carter Security
Security at licensed gaming venues requires an understanding of the legislation as well as a particular set of skills and understanding from your security officers, and this differs from the
3 Reasons why Security Officers are more effective than CCTV
CCTV is a popular choice for many businesses when it comes to their security considerations. It’s often a cost-effective solutions, but whilst we agree that it's better than no security
How can Investing in Trusted Security Lower your Insurance Premiums?
We've put together 3 key reasons why a professional security presence could lower the price of your insurance.
Construction Site Security: 5 Top Tips
Construction sites are a popular target for criminals due to expensive equipment and resources, as well as rarely being active post-daylight hours. In this blog, we highlight 5 top tips
How can we support your empty business premises?
More and more commercial businesses are sitting empty. If you’re a landlord, having empty buildings whilst you wait for another tenant, could easily be cause for concern. So, how can
Could you be trusted as a Carter Security Officer?
Manned guarding is our most highly rated service and effective service, and as such is the security service we’d most highly recommend to those enquiring about security requirements at their