Published: 05 Jan 2024 in

At Carter Security, we take pride in not only securing your premises but also in supporting exceptional individuals who embody the spirit of dedication and excellence. One such individual is Isabel Cartlidge, a talented shooter who has represented England in the Home International in Jersey for the second consecutive year. As sponsors of Isabel, we are thrilled to celebrate her achievements and share her inspiring journey with our readers.

Isabel's dedication to her craft is truly commendable. Shooting for the England team in 2023 was undoubtedly a significant accomplishment, and she is setting her sights even higher for 2024. Her goal? To secure a coveted spot in the England team once again and clinch a major ladies title. This relentless pursuit of excellence aligns perfectly with the values we hold dear at Carter Security – dedication, commitment, and the belief that hard work always pays off.

Nick Carter, the Owner and Founder of Carter Security, shares a common passion for shooting with Isabel. This shared interest goes beyond the shooting range and seamlessly integrates with the principles that guide our values at Carter Security. Nick echoes the same advice Isabel imparts both in the field and in the workplace – the importance of hard work.

Carter Security is not just a sponsor; we are avid supporters of Isabel's journey. We look forward to celebrating her achievements in 2024!