The security industry is incredibly inclusive, and as such, people from all walks of life – old, young, and anything in between – can have a successful and fulfilling career as a security officer. All you need to get started is an SIA license!
Security Officers trained to assist at your festival
Before the pandemic, safety at large scale events should have always been at the top of the list, and with the added concern of coronavirus, having a trained and trustworthy security presence has never been more important.
How can a trained Security Officer help your case should an incident at your business be tried in court?
This week a member of our team has been on Jury Service, and this has got us thinking about the varying benefits of security guards when it comes to matters at court. Should a robbery, arson attack, or assault take place at your business, having a security officer on the scene should be of benefit to you when looking for justice.
Quality Customer Service from Carter Security Guards
Our core aim when working with you at your business is to provide you with quality security, whether that’s manned guarding, mobile patrols, door supervisors, or any other service we offer. Whilst it might be easy to assume this primarily involves being only focused on security, customer service plays an incredibly important role.
Security for construction sites
Keep your construction site secure with Carter Security
Keyholding Service
Keeping your business operational comes down to two key factors. You need trusted individuals, with the skills and dedication to be productive to the standards required, and you need to protect your assets. With so many factors at play, having one trusted provider that can cover both of these points makes it so much easier for you to manage. Let us explain.