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What to consider before applying for a security officer position

Working in the security industry requires a certain type of individual. A security officer can be a highly pressured role at times, but it carries with it job satisfaction that is difficult to come by in other career choices. To be a security officer at Carter Solutions and Services Limited, you need to not only demonstrate your willingness to learn, but you must hit the below criteria too. We put a huge amount of trust into each and every security officer who works with us, expecting them to represent us professionally and work hard when working remotely with a variety of different clients.

So, before you consider applying for a security officer position, ask yourself if you fit the following criteria.

19 July 2019

Never underestimate the effectiveness of a security presence

A brilliant security officer will be humble and unassuming whilst still being maintaining an authoritative presence.  It’s an extremely difficult balance to strike, but one that our security officers have worked hard on perfecting. But why is it so important to be ‘quietly confident’ at all times?

5 July 2019

Festival security at its best

Festival season is well and truly underway! Just like any event, security is not only essential, but it’s expected, making the security team you contract just as important as the bands you choose to perform.

4 July 2019

What does it take to be a Carter Solutions and Services Limited security guard?

If you’re considering a career in security and you want to pursue a career for Carter Solutions and Services Limited, it‘s important to understand exactly what would be expected of you.

24 June 2019

Our security officers will never let you down

This week’s main news has arguably been about Theresa May resigning on the 7th June 2019 as Prime Minister. This is a huge development and puts UK politics are the forefront of global news. The big questions are now:

  • Who will step up to replace her?
  • What will happen to Brexit?

The uncertainty is unnerving, to say the least, and it got us thinking about what our processes are when circumstances change day to day. This could be if a security officer calls in sick, or if the nature of a job changes, for example.

24 May 2019

The top 5 personality traits necessary for a quality security officer

Being a security officer is much more than operating on a mobile patrol or standing on the door of a licensed gaming venue or club. It requires the individual to have a specific set of personality traits, traits that see them excel in the role. We’re hugely proud of every single member of the CSS Ltd security guard team, so much so that we concentrate on employee appreciation and recognition. It means a lot to us to reward the hard work of our staff, and we’re pleased to say that everyone possesses the traits listed below...

25 April 2019