Diversity in the workplace

Diversity in the workplace

Traditionally, the role of a security officer is that of a strong male figure – but that really couldn’t be further than the truth! Absolutely anyone who is willing and has the necessary skills and qualifications has the potential to be an exceptional security officer.

Why are we discussing Recent news has seen popular T.V. personality Philip Schofield announce today in an Instagram post that he is gay. According to reports, he felt as though the timing was now right to share this personal information to the public, and in doing so, asked for understanding and kindness, particularly towards his family.

In today’s climate, the topic of gender and sexuality is never far from the headlines. This has meant a cultural shift towards the wider population being accepting of people for who they are. In our eyes, this is brilliant, and just how it should it be.

Diversity at Carter Solutions and Services Limited

Recently, you may have noticed in both our blogs and on our social media, that we’ve been having a real push for recruitment. We’re a growing business and with that comes the demand for finding quality security officers to fill more and more roles across the country.

When it comes to the criteria of who can apply, we have a very simple list of requirements.

  1. All candidates for security officer positions must hold a valid SIA license.
  2. You must be able to work the shifts and hours stated in the job criteria.
  3. It’s important you are trustworthy, honest and hardworking.
  4. It’s desirable that you’re comfortable with both lone working and working as part of a team.

The above four points summarise what we look for in a candidate. We welcome applications from anyone who can demonstrate a commitment to the role and a desire to work for one of the leading providers in the U.K. We’re proud to have both men and women working with us, representing our name and building lasting relationships with our clients.

We are currently on the look-out for Security Officers, Gate House Officers, Mobile Patrol Officers and Manned Guard-Reception Officers - for full-time and part-time positions. If you could picture yourself as working for one of the leading security companies in the UK, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

Alternatively, for more information on how we can provide a quality security service at your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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