We will welcome your security officer application

We will welcome your security officer application

Quality security to support businesses with social distancing measures and support industries that need additional security is part and parcel of how we operate right now. This means we’re still recruiting for security officer positions up and down the country, so if you’re considering a career with Carter Solutions and Services, there are a few things you’ll need to be aware of before applying.

You must hold a valid SIA license

All of our security officers hold a valid SIA license before applying. This ensures that the individuals we recruit know exactly what’s expected of them to work in security, and it’s also a huge factor as to why we will never subcontract staff. We can then build on this knowledge with our dedicated training facility in Wisbech.

You can read up more about SIA licenses and apply for ones by visiting the Security Industry Authority website. You’ll need to do this and complete it before applying for a role with us.

You will most likely need to be available for evening and weekend shifts

The majority of shift patterns we offer include evening and weekend work. This is simply because a business is often most at risk of trespassing and burglary during the night and when the property is likely to be empty.

You must be trustworthy and committed

Working remotely means we must be able to trust you, and our clients must be able to trust you’ll do your job well too. Services such as alarm response and key-holding mean we trust our security guards with keys and entry codes to business premises and manned guarding and mobile patrols might be required in areas which may have restricted access to other individuals. Being a security guard is a highly trusted position and so being calm, responsible and respectable are all necessary to be successful. Having a strong moral compass and trustworthy nature is, therefore, an essential characteristic of all Carter Solutions and Services Limited security officers.

Just like all businesses right now, we’re fully prepared to all that it takes to keep the country safe and operating as best as it can during these uncertain times. We’re fully invested in keeping our exceptional security officers and the general public safe, providing the same excellent quality security that our reputation depicts.

For more information on how we can provide a quality security service at your business during these difficult times, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

So, if you’re currently looking for work due to implications of COVID-19, we are recruiting for Security Officers, Gate House Officers, Mobile Patrol Officers and Manned Guard-Reception Officers - for full-time and part-time positions. If you could picture yourself as working for one of the leading security companies in the UK, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

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