Are security drones worth the hype?

Security drones have been growing in popularity, and it’s easy to see the initial appeal. They claim to be great for surveillance, and advanced models can even be used alongside technology that recognises vibrations and movement. They increasingly being used by homes and businesses, and there’s plenty of choice on the market at a variety of different price points. But are they really worth the hype?

Our security officers don’t have a battery life

Drones cannot offer the same 24/7 security that our manned guarding service doesn’t for the simple reason that they will run out of battery and need to be recharged. Whilst our security officers may need to recharge with a quick cup of coffee, they can still be on site, patrolling, all hours of the day and night, depending on your security contract.

Motion sensors are reactive, not proactive

Whilst motion sensors with alerts to your smart phone sound brilliant, let’s consider the logistics. You’re at home, your drone is on site. Your phone beeps, alerting you to movement at your business premises. Turns out it was a cat… or maybe even a bin falling over, false alarm. What if it did capture someone trying to break in? They are already there, and you now need to alert the police. It’s reactive. The damage is already done. Our manned guarding service offers a proactive solution, as nothing with deter criminals more effectively that having feet on the ground.

Night vision

Let’s assume you’ve remembered to turn the drone into night-mode, enabling it to pick up images in darkness. The clearer the image, the more expensive the drone, as night vision is often an extra cost, or extra investment. All of our security officers come with night vision… a torch. That’s right, at no extra cost to you, our security officers are able to see in the dark!

Our security officers don’t invade anyone else’s privacy

One of the major concerns with the use of drones is the invasion of privacy to surrounding land. If your office is surrounded by a housing estate, can you be sure that the footage captured by your security drone isn’t invading the privacy of your neighbours? Our security officers will only patrol your business premises, that’s all we need to do to keep your assets safe.

We operate within the confines of the law

Security drones can be tricky when it comes to rules and regulations. With our professional security service, you can be confident that our security officers understand exactly what they can and can’t do. They understanding trespassing law, they understand how to legally restrain someone until the police arrive, and they undergo regular and extensive training to ensure their knowledge remains up to date.

For more information on how we can support your business with our exceptional security services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to further your career in security, you can visit the careers section on our website, or email us your C.V. Best of luck with your application.


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    Are security drones worth the hype?

    Security drones have been growing in popularity, and it’s easy to see the initial appeal. They claim to be great for surveillance, and advanced models can even be used alongside technology that recognises vibrations and movement. They increasingly being used by homes and businesses, and there’s plenty of choice on the market at a variety of different price points. But are they really worth the hype?

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    Improve your school security on a budget

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    5 reasons why security officers are more effective than CCTV cameras

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    It goes without saying that they will all have access to Deputy, our way of remotely managing our staff, and that all of our staff will be SIA licensed. We’d also like to reiterate that we never subcontract staff, instead preferring to work with each and every member of our team so they know exactly what is expected of them and to ensure quality across the board.

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    Start 2019 with a new career in the security industry.

    Job satisfaction. Something everyone strives for but very few actually succeed. The start of the year is a brilliant time to reflect on last year’s achievements and to take a long hard look at what you’d like to do differently for the year ahead. For many, this comes back to job satisfaction, a phrase that should never be taken for granted. Job satisfaction is hugely important – it’s what makes you want to get out of bed every day, it gives a sense of purpose and a sense of belonging, and its vital for maintaining positive mental health.

    But what are the key factors that lead to job satisfaction? And how does CSS Ltd tick those all-important boxes to keep the team here happy and motivated?

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    December’s Tony Award winner is…

    As you’re all well aware, every month we reward a hardworking member of the team with the ‘Tony Award’ which also includes £50 worth of Amazon vouchers. We do this for two main reasons:

    1. To demonstrate how much we appreciate our dedicated staff
    2. To encourage a little bit of healthy competition, so our security standards remain exceptionally high.

    This month, the Tony Aware has been presented to: Jen Coker.

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    We’re feeling festive at CSS Ltd Security!

    T’was the night before Christmas, everyone had gone.

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    Mobile Patrolling within the ground of your school, college or university.

    Either this week or next week, schools will be breaking up for Christmas and New Year celebrations. Whilst for many this will a brilliant time off to spend time with friends and family, for us it means keeping your school, college or university safe and secure during the seasonal festivities...

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    Make ‘Quality Security’ a New Years’ Resolution

    Most people will make a New Years’ resolution to eat better, drink less alcohol, exercise more and perhaps make more of an effort with friends and family. This is great if you want to only focus on personal goals. but what if you want to benefit your staff by ensuring they have a safe and profitable place to work in the new year? If you’re a business owner, then maybe your New Year’s resolution should be to ensure the safety of your business premises and staff? This can be through CCTV monitoring on site, mobile patrols, door supervision, manned guarding, alarm response or key holding.

     So, what makes CSS Ltd security the perfect solution?

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    Christmas Shopping with CSS Ltd Security Guards

    Anyone who works in retail can tell you that this time of year is incredibly busy. From Black Friday, all the way through to the January sales, everyone is keen to hit the shops and grab a bargain or a well thought out gift for a loved one. Christmas bonuses mean that many people have more money in the bank, and that means more to spend on retailers! This doesn’t just mean gifts and presents either, but food as well! Supermarket queues are known for being incredibly busy in the lead up to Christmas as people stock up on mince pies, pigs in blankets and other festive goodies!

    Unfortunately, the increase in foot traffic through to door can, and often does, spell disaster. Crowded shops and supermarkets are an opportunity for pickpockets and shoplifters to take advantage – especially since the introduction of self-service payment machines. Not everyone abides by to ‘place your item in bagging area’! This can create a volatile shopping environment that costs businesses a lot of money, instead of spreading Christmas cheer!