How can an Alarm Response Service keep your business safe?

How can an Alarm Response Service keep your business safe


What is an alarm response service?

The majority of businesses protect their premises by audible alarms and CCTV. These alarms are able to remotely alert you to a potential break-in, allowing you to act quickly to prevent potential costly damage to your business.

How can alarm response benefit your business?

There are 3 main ways an alarm response can protect your business.

  1. Visible signs will warn potential intruders that an alarm system is in place, and this can act as an initial deterrent.
  2. Audible alarms can scare off potential intruders when triggered, preventing further damage and theft.
  3. Many alarm systems have key features such as text messaging alerts and CCTV links, allowing you to act quickly to a potential break-in and get on site.

Almost all break-ins at commercial premises occur out of hours. Therefore, we offer an alarm response service that involves deploying a SIA licensed security guard in a highly visible and branded vehicle to your premises should an alarm be triggered. We can go to any site or location, confront and remove any unauthorised person(s), report criminal damage and theft and contact the police to report the incident.

This keeps you out of harm’s way whilst quickly, efficiently and professionally dealing with the problem. This means you have a third party to rely on to keep your business safe and minimise the risk of costly damage.

Why should you choose CSS Ltd to provide you with an alarm response service?

Our alarm response service is a dedicated, cost-effective solution to having a trained security guard on site should an alarm be triggered at your business premises. With years of experience and SIA licensed guards, we can provide a trustworthy service to keep your business safe. What’s more, we never subcontract, instead preferring to invest time and money to recruit the most suitable security guards, highly trained in their area of expertise. 

For more information on how CSS Ltd can provide you with an alarm response service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Nick Carter

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