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In the realm of school security, ensuring the safety of students, staff, and valuable assets is paramount. However, recent concerns have arisen in the form of reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC) concrete issues, potentially leading to school closures. At Carter Security, with over 30 years of experience in the security sector and a deep understanding of the unique needs of the education sector, we're here to shed light on the security risks schools face during these closures and how our services can help mitigate them.

The RAAC Concrete Challenge:

RAAC concrete poses a significant threat to the structural integrity of school buildings, often necessitating immediate or long-term closures. While addressing this safety concern is vital, schools must not overlook the security risks associated with such closures:

1. Vulnerable Facilities: Closed schools can become targets for vandalism, theft, and trespassing, as empty buildings offer opportunities for criminal activities.

2. Asset Protection: Schools house valuable assets, from electronic equipment to teaching materials. Securing these assets is crucial to prevent losses during closures.

3. Liability Concerns: Unauthorised access and accidents on school premises during closures can lead to liability issues for educational institutions.

The Role of Manned Guarding:

Manned guarding is an indispensable solution to address the security challenges that arise if schools are forced to close due to RAAC concrete concerns. Here's why it's essential:

1. Deterrence: Our highly trained security personnel serve as a visible deterrent to potential criminals, dissuading them from targeting the school property in the first place.

2. Immediate Response: In case of security breaches or emergencies, our guards are prepared to respond swiftly. This includes handling trespassers, monitoring access points, and ensuring the safety of the premises.

3. Asset Protection: Manned guards can be stationed to protect valuable assets within the school, preventing theft and damage during the closure period.

4. Regular Patrols: Our guards conduct regular patrols of the premises, ensuring that all areas remain secure. This proactive approach minimizes the risk of incidents going unnoticed.

The Importance of Mobile Patrols:

In addition to manned guarding, mobile patrols are a key element in safeguarding closed schools during the RAAC concrete closure period. Here's how they contribute:

1. Comprehensive Security: Mobile patrols provide comprehensive coverage of the entire school property, including parking lots, playgrounds, and outlying areas, to detect and deter any unauthorised activity.

2. Fire and Safety Checks: Our patrols can also monitor for fire hazards and safety concerns during closures, helping to mitigate potential risks.

3. Rapid Response: Should an incident occur, our mobile patrols are equipped to respond quickly and efficiently, minimizing potential damage or losses.

At Carter Security, with our decades of experience in the security sector and a deep understanding of the education sector's unique needs, we stand ready to provide tailored security solutions.

Our manned guarding and mobile patrol services are designed to address the specific security challenges that schools face during closures. We are committed to ensuring the protection of your school's assets, the safety of your premises, and the peace of mind of your educational community. Trust us to secure your school during this challenging period.

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