Security officers that go the distance

Security officers that go the distance


When it comes to ensuring the safety of your business, there are a number of steps you need to take. Firstly, you need to assess the risk, then research effective preventative measures and then find a security provider you can trust – especially during these unusual times. This is where you’ll need to contact a security provider that can go the distance – and not just above and beyond the expected service, but abiding by social distancing too.

1.Assess the risk

The first step is always to assess the risk and there are several factors that will come into play.

  • Location: is your business located in a busy city centre, a residential area, an industrial estate or a remote location? Each of these offers its own challenges, and these need to be thoroughly explored.
  • Size of your business: it would be a mistake to assume that larger corporations are the most vulnerable when it comes to crime. Of course, a larger area means more stick and potentially bigger losses should theft or vandalism occur. But with these types of business, there is the assumption of a security presence, making the smaller independent business much more vulnerable. The impact on a smaller, family-owned company could also be much more devasting should a crime occur – emotionally and financially, making security an important factor to consider

2.Preventative security measures

CCTV is always the first security measure that comes to mind, and whilst it can act as a deterrent, there are a number of reasons why CCTV isn’t as effective as initially thought. This includes blind spots, the potential of vandalism and the quality of the images obtained. It’s also much more of a reactive solution, enabling you to capture the crime being committed instead of preventing it in the first place.

Therefore, manned guarding and mobile patrols are much more effective at preventing crime. Having trained security personnel on-site means criminals are much less likely to risk getting caught, and if they do try to gain access to your property, you will have security officers ready to step in, detain the individual(s) and call the local authorities.

3.Contract a trusted security provider

This is where we come in. With over 30 years of experience in the security industry, and extensive experience working hard throughout the height of the coronavirus pandemic, we understand exactly what it means to go the extra mile whilst abiding from social distancing measures.

For more information on how we can work with you to provide a quality security service at your business during these unusual times, please don’t hesitate to get in touch a member of our team.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to further your career within the security industry, please check the careers section on our website or email us an up to date copy of your C.V. We never subcontract our staff, we invest in their training and we work hard to support our staff. We look forward to meeting you.


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