The importance of uniform

The importance of uniform

We believe in the importance of a quality uniform, and ensure each and every one of our security officers is well equipped. Of course, the uniform will change slightly depending on the nature of the role, but as a whole, everyone in the team is issued with the same. This includes clearly branded jackets, as well as strong boots and body cameras.  There are two main reasons why a uniform is so important in security: to be easily recognisable and for both practicality and function. There’s one other person who we know will be on the same wavelength about uniform at this time of year, and that’s Father Christmas!

1. Be easily recognisable

Everyone knows that a Santa hat, red jacket with white faux-fur trim and heavy-duty boots mean only one thing, and that’s Father Christmas! In a similar way, we want to be recognised when on shift. Not only because we’ve worked hard to build a national brand, offering the highest level of security across multiple industries, but also because having security officers on site is an excellent deterrent to crime.

There’s one other reason, and something Santa will no doubt be able to relate to as well. That’s the ability to be recognised by members of the public. Whilst our primary role is to prevent crime, we are also highly trained in diffusing potentially volatile situations. This makes our uniform even more important, as it allows members of the public to approach one of our security officers for assistance should they need it. If you know about the ‘Ask for Angela’ scheme too, then you’ll know just how much of a difference our security uniform can make.

2. Practicality and function

It’s no secret why Father Christmas has to wrap up warm – it’s cold in the North Pole! His uniform is thick, cosy and therefore practical. Just like St Nick, our manned guarding and mobile patrol teams are outside throughout the night and therefore need to similarly prepare for cold weather. We also ensure our security officers have body cameras, as this is not just a great safety precaution, but the footage captured on those could be used as evidence in court. As we deal with crime prevention, being well-prepared both physically and mentally can make a huge difference when it comes to justice.

All that’s left to say now is Merry Christmas from the team at Carter Solutions and Services Limited. We hope you have a wonderful day!

For more information on how we can work with you to provide a quality security service at your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to further your career within the security industry, please check the careers section on our website or email us an up to date copy of your C.V. We never subcontract our staff, we invest in their training and we work hard to support our staff. We look forward to meeting you.


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