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Security robots, or security guards? Which one is best…?

A recent article from Security Magazine got our attention this week, titled, ‘Security Robots on Patrol’. Naturally, we wanted to read on, and it goes on to say that due to staffing issues, an American firm decided to explore the opportunity of utilising a robot to assist security officers with their job duties. AI, artificial intelligence, is particularly popular at the moment, especially in the private sector, so it was only a matter of time before robots appeared in the security industry.

22 October 2018

Protect your building from unauthorised access

No matter how hard you try to protect your building from unauthorised access, it’s inevitable that sometimes people will ‘slip through the net’. This security breach could be minor, or it could result in a potentially dangerous situation for your staff.

How can unauthorised access happen?

9 October 2018

10 Top Tips for Personal Safety from a Qualified Security Guard

Nights are getting darker, and that can mean people start to feel a little more vulnerable. Maybe your walk from the bus stop to your front door is now shrouded in darkness? Perhaps you find yourself rummaging around in your handbag for your house keys for a few minutes each evening, and now it’s harder than ever to find them without daylight to help! Maybe, with Christmas party season fast approaching, you’re already expecting to walk through town alone at night to the venue?

Even if you’re not bothered at all walking alone at night, it’s certainly worth paying extra attention to your surroundings if you find yourself alone once the sun has gone down. Our security guards are highly trained in personal safety, so we wanted to put together 10 top tips for keeping you safe and alert should you find yourself on your own ‘after hours’.

5 October 2018

How we keep our security guards safe if they are ‘lone workers’

A lone worker is someone who works by themselves, without direct supervision or close contact. This makes them more vulnerable to certain risks, risks that wouldn’t exist for office employees, for example, who work day in day out as part of a team during ‘normal’ working hours, Monday to Friday.  Lone workers, therefore, might include professionals such as maintenance staff, healthcare professionals, hospitality and, of course, security officers. It would also, surprisingly, include those who work from home – and with mobile technology improving more and more year on year, lone workers are a group of professionals expected to grow.

28 September 2018

Back to school, but is your school safe?

When parents send their child to school, they expect their child to be safe from the moment they enter the school gates in the morning to the end of the day when they leave. Safeguarding is a huge topic in the press, and it’s never far from hitting the headlines.

12 September 2018

Two main considerations of corporate security

If you’re looking into corporate security then it is clear that you’re already taking your business very seriously – and that’s fantastic.

Corporate security differs in its approach when compared to other services we offer, as it often requires a great degree of emotional intelligence and trust.

6 September 2018