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Did you know that crime levels spike over Halloween?
With Halloween being known as a ‘prank’ type of holiday, putting the ‘trick’ into trick or treating, it’s perhaps little surprise that petty crime can increase in the days before
How could stormy weather affect your security measures
Many areas of the UK experienced quite the storm this week, with thunder, lightning, and an impressive amount of rainfall. Storms like these can have a negative impact on your
We’re proud to sponsor Isabel Cartlidge
The shooting community is one with a shared passion for the outdoors, and one full of support and camaraderie, and this sense of family is the reason why we’ve decided
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We’re hiring! Could you be our next Business Development Manager?
We’re helping to reduce anti-social behaviour in the local area
We’re back to working with local councils, much like we did as COVID-19 marshals, but this time we’re actively cracking down on antisocial behaviour in city centres.
One of the questions we often get asked is what legal powers our security officers have, which we’ve covered in our most recent article.
Security Guards at Concerts, Gigs and other Music Events
Any music event like a concert, festival or gig must have security to keep both the performers, staff and event goers safe.
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The cost of living crisis is making everyone reconsider their spending and reallocate their budgets. We also understand that investing in security is a case of assessing business risk.
How does the colder weather affect the security of your business?
The weather has most certainly changed, with a wet start to the autumn and a notable dip in temperature! There are a number of reasons why security services such as
Let Carter Staffing solve your seasonal recruitment issues
We’re going to say it... the dreaded C-word – Christmas! Whilst it might seem a little early to start talking about Christmas trees, mince pies, and hanging the stockings up