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What should be on your corporate Christmas list?
Any business looking to step up their game into 2022 should be considering security as a main priority.
Why should Santa bring you quality security?
Now, it isn’t that we’re biased, but we really do believe that quality security should be on everyone’s Christmas list this year!
Start 2022 with a Security Presence Designed by a Security Expert
With over 30 years of experience in the security world, Nick Carter can work with your business to advise you on exactly how you should approach the physical security of
Seasonal recruitment: how can Carter Staffing help?
Christmas is almost here, and with that comes an increase in workload for many industries. This might mean a recruitment drive for seasonal workers to keep your business thriving, but
Festive cheer, not festive fear!
The hospitality industry has an opportunity to enjoy this Christmas season, instead of closing their doors like they had to last year - but security is a must!
Quality Security for Retailers During the Christmas Surge
Did you know that crime DOUBLES in December? Whilst homeowners are well aware that opportunistic thieves are more operational during December, looking for unwrapped gifts to take for their own
Longer, darker nights lead to increased security risks
It will come as no surprise that from November to January, businesses typically see almost a 30% rise in robberies. As nights get longer, thieves get bolder, taking advantage of
Security at your Christmas event
The first part of any event planning should be considering the security – well perhaps after booking the venue! Keeping your guests safe and secure means a plethora of different
Security officers are on the front line and that makes them more at risk to antisocial behaviour. COVID-19 is still very much in the population, and this puts security officers
Three similarities between fireworks and security officers
All this talk of bonfire night got us thinking, and you’ll be surprised at the number of similarities there are between fireworks and security officers!